13 November 2011

Reading Around

To start, I want to call your attention to an incisive assessment of the Obama presidency by my colleague Robb Westbrook that appeared early this fall in The Christian Century (20 September 2011). It is entitled "The Liberal Agony: Why There was No New New Deal." Robb does so much in so short a space that I won't try to indicate the good bits. Unfortunately, the essay is behind a wall and it only just showed up on the UR library subscription this past week. This is a must read analysis!

There is an interview with the always smart and entertaining Cornel West here at The Washington Post. Annotation: I like the distinction he draws between "a deodorized Martin Luther King Jr. who is easily assimilable to the American mainstream" and "the real funky Martin" who "was a threat," who "created unease." I've made a similar point here on numerous occasions but not as eloquently.

There is an interesting interview here at In These Times with economist Nancy Folbre in which she advocates for "on stronger collective commitments to the development of human capabilities and efforts to strengthen families and communities."

There is a long-ish set of reflections here by Rebecca Solnit in which she looks hard at OWS and why eschewing violence makes the movement "unconventionally dangerous" - threatening in precisely the way Dr. West depicts MLK.

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