07 April 2012

A Weekend Digest

If you've got some free time, I've come across a few shortish things to read:
Here is a useful post from the folks at Occupy the SEC - "What is Private Equity?" - that nicely addresses the question in clear English prose.

Michael Sandel has a short essay in The Atlantic entitled "What Isn't for Sale?". I suspect that I agree with some but not most of what he has to say.

Project Syndicate has reprinted this old essay by Václav Havel called "Politics & Theater." A reasonably sharp analysis punctuated by a pretty bland, overly moralistic conclusion, I'm afraid.

FEMEN is a group of smart, creative, courageous young Ukrainian women who are busy protesting and raising a ruckus. There is an interview with one of the group's principals, Inna Shevchenko, here at Framed.

According to this report in The Chronicle of Higher Education Yale faculty evidently have criticized the University administration plans for a partnership with the National University of Singapore. The skepticism in New Haven has elicited this frank response in a student newspaper at NUS - the gist of the reply is that the folks in New Haven are patronizing and a bit hypocritical.*

Finally, here is a link to a new web page called OCCUPY.com which promises to be useful even though the '.com' seems an ironic categorization for the movement affiliated site.
* Thanks Chit!

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