22 April 2012

A Weekend Digest

This graphic popped up unaccompanied on my FB news feed this morning. For lot's of information look here and here and stay tuned.

You can find an amusing "obituary" for facts here. It doesn't hurt that the essay works by mocking Florida Congressman Allen West. And even if it is a sad day, it is difficult to feel badly for those left behind: "Facts is survived by two brothers, Rumor and Innuendo, and a sister, Emphatic Assertion."

There is an appreciative essay on Allan Sekula's new work here at The Guardian.

Really smart and relentlessly decent are, in my experience, a rare combination in a single person. At Crooked Timber, this post contains a link to a series of very touching and insightful comments offered at an Oxford memorial service for the late G.A. Cohen who seems to have been among the rare.

There is a new book out with the self explanatory title Photographs Not Taken: A Collection of Photographers' Essays. You can find a review here at The Guardian. Many of the contributions are by photographers whose work I very much admire. And, speaking of smart and decent, you can find an excerpt from Nina Berman's contribution here at The New Yorker.

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