07 September 2012

"Can Americans Really Trust Mitt Romney to Decide Which Citizens Get Extrajudicially Assassinated in Drone Strikes?"

You should watch this short video at The Gawker. The point is simply to ask prominent Democrats at the convention a simple question: "Can Americans really trust Mitt Romney to decide which citizens get extrajudicially assassinated in drone strikes?'  Just imagine if all the media actually talked about issues like this, meaning in a straightforward, non-euphemistic way. After all, I was outraged to learn that Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and the other war criminals from BushCo sat in a room deciding which torture techniques should be applied to which "high value assets." Why should I not be equally outraged when Obama (and, no doubt, his minions) sit around making the same sorts of decisions? With one exception, the respondents on this video punt. In so doing they reveal the ethical, legal and political culpability of their party and its leadership.

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Blogger The Grownup View - Center View Politics said...

I would trust Romney as much or more than President Obama on who and who not to kill. AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT A US CITIZEN.

09 September, 2012 21:14  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

So, while you apparently give some credence to the Constitution you have little regard for US commitments under International Law? (The various conventions to which our government is signatory forbid both extra-judicial assassination and the killing of non-combatants.) Even setting aside the ethically dubious character of that view, think about it in practical terms. Once we start (or, actually, continue) to disregard international agreements we can not only expect other countries and groups to do the same but to invoke our own bad behavior as justification for their actions. Sounds good to me!

09 September, 2012 21:25  

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