11 September 2012

Rahm Emanuel ~ From the Obama Campaign to the Campaign Against Teachers Unions

Rahm Emanuel has, as Susan reminded me at dinner this evening, been in the news twice recently. Currently, of course, he is taking the point position in criticizing striking public school teachers in Chicago.* Never mind, that most of the "reforms" Rahm (in the shadow of Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan) wants to implement are at best ill considered [1] [2] [3] [4] [5].** Never mind that Rahm is trying hard to paint the teachers as unconcerned with the welfare of students (might it not be the case that the teachers are resisting reforms that are not good for students?).  The bottom line is that Emanuel has been spoiling for this fight since he first became mayor. So when he claims that this is a "strike of choice" undertaken by craven union members at the expense of students he is, as usual, full of it. No surprise that the Romney-Ryan ticket has fallen over itself siding with Emanuel! They are all anti-union.

What is interesting is that a week ago Rahm was in the news for another reason. He departed his post as co-chair of the Obama re-election campaign. The press has generally painted this as the Democrats playing hard ball on raising money since Rahm now will be directing a "Super PAC." But might it not have been more of an anticipation of how the s#!t will surely hit the fan as the Democratic party lines up against the teachers union? This way Obama can try to distance himself from the Emanuel assault without actually siding with the union.
* In doing so Emmanuel is in cahoots with Chicago Schools Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard who was until recently the Superintendent here in Rochester. Like Duncan, Emanuel and Obama, he is an opportunistic peddler of suspect reform proposals.
** For those convinced that teachers and their unions are the source of problems with American public schools a good place to start is this recent pair of essays [1] [2] by Diane Ravitch in the NYRB. The bottom line? There is no actual evidence for your views.

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