25 October 2012

The Powell Endorsement

So, according to this report at The New York Times, Colin Powell - shown in the screen shot above lying to the U.N. about Saddam Hussein's non-existent WMD program - has endorsed Obama for president. Last time around I was clear about what Obama ought to do in the event this happened. And I have been clear too about Powell and his putative record for being honest, independent, 'honorable' public servant, defender of democracy, and all that (See [1], [2], etc.). I stand by my advice to the Obama campaign. They should repudiate Powell's endorsement. But wait, one of the other page one stories at The Times today is about the small question of whether the administration has been "dissembling" over recent events in Benghazi. Maybe the folks in the administration can learn from Powell? Maybe they already have. After all, it is inconceivable that this sort of endorsement is non-orchestrated. Powell has been saved for the end, to punctuate Obama's victorious run for a second term. How convenient that Powell also now can distract attention from the administration's own foreign policy misstatements.

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