09 December 2012

The Grinch Goes on Vacation

St. Lucia - a nice island getaway! This morning I emailed my ex-wife to arrange to skype with August only to learn that they are now in St. Lucia. This is a woman who has not held a full time job since we were divorced. And, this is the second time in six months that she has spirited August out of the country not just without permission, but without ever even raising the issue. She now is refusing to provide any information about their travel details or whereabouts. In case you are wondering, the divorce decree grants "joint custody." Oh, and she has informed me that (for the third time running - see here and here) she will not deliver August here for holiday visitation as she is obliged to do according to the agreement. This means that, at age (nearly) seven August will have never - not once - spent Christmas with me or his brother. Merry Christmas! Many of my readers know August's mom. Feel free to ask her - when and if you speak - how she gets to be just so special!

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