16 December 2012

Thoughts About Guns and Politics

First, if you are a fan of bi-partisanship and think it will do wonders for our conflictual politics please note that our current morass on gun policy is thoroughly bipartisan. Neither party will challenge the status quo other than to applaud even less restrictive access to weapons of all sorts.

Second, if you are a Republican and have supported all of the recently imposed or proposed restrictions on access to voting - voter ID and so forth - you will know that there is zero evidence that there has been significant voter fraud. We seem to have plenty of evidence that unfettered access to guns is deadly. Where is the groundswell of conservative voices calling out to safeguard the sanctity of life?

Third, there is a nice interactive data map here at The Guardian - just looking at the various correlations deflates much of the gun lobby rhetoric. Then again, that presupposes, that this is a reality based conversation we are involved in.

Finally, there are various policy options around. Libertarians like this fellow (affiliated withe the Florida chapter of the Campaign for Liberty) recommend that we proliferate guns - in their case by eliminating "gun free zones" and allowing (mandating?) teachers to carry weapons. (His comments on policy start @ 1:40 in the segment.)

And here is a "thought experiment" aiming at the same point (aren't academics weird?). Both proposals are nonsense and would be laughable if it weren't the case that, as I've mentioned here before,  similar schemes have been tried already.

Instead of chanting "liberty" (as though incantations will solve problems) while riding the sham authority that comes from having had a "career in law enforcement" here is an actual argument, complete with reasons, for why this policy is totally unpersuasive.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Not only is the voter fraud analogy on the money, aren't the Republicans the first ones crying about how much power teachers already yield? Now they want to give them guns!?!?

I think we should also automatically hand out firearms (with tickets) to anyone attending a movie theater- just hit the black clad target hiding in the darkened room full of people.

16 December, 2012 15:26  

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