24 September 2005

Resources: Susie Linfield

Linfield is on the faculty of the Cultural Reporting & Criticism Program at the NYU School of Journalism. Over the past several years she and has written a series of perceptive review essays in Dissent and Boston Review. In particular she is concerned with the impact that photographs suffering and cruelity induced by war and political oppression have on viewers. Here is a list of some of her essays:

"A Witness to Murder: Looking at Photographs of the Condemned," Boston Review (September/October 2005).

"The Dance of Civilizations: The West, the East, and Abu Ghraib," Dissent (Winter 2005).

"Robert Capa’s Hope : Capturing the Good Fight," Boston Review (April/May 2005).

"Photographing Cruelty" Boston Review (Summer 2004).

"Memuna, Almost Smiling: Looking at a Photograph of Suffering" Dissent (Spring 2004).

"Beyond the Sorrow & the Pity" Dissent (Winter 2001).



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