26 October 2005

Daniel Pepper

I put up a web counter and so now I can see the numbers go by. And I also get the odd comment - usually someone telling me about how to make money by advertising something for them. Occasionally, though, a reader makes contact in a more meaningful way. This morning I received an e-mail from Daniel Pepper a photographer working in Asia and the Middle East. A quick look at his work suggests that he succeeds quite admirably in generating work that is (in his words) "politically charged and aesthetically interesting." You can link to his web site above. He also has started a blog that you can find here as well as in the list of links on the sidebar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo in the link: should be http://danielpepper.com/blog

26 October, 2005 10:31  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Fixed it - Thanks. the problem with thei blog thing is that I failed typingin 9th grade. As a result I have way too many typos ...

26 October, 2005 12:35  

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