26 November 2005

Ongoing Genocide in Darfur

"In western Darfur, there is a continuing, and even increasing, level of insecurity both inside and outside the camps. Furthermore, the displaced persons are still subject to ongoing pressure regarding their possible return. At the same time, it's clear that there is no political solution to the conflict." That assessment recently was offered to the United Naitons Security Council by Gabriel Trujillo, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières' (MSF) program manager in Sudan (October 2005). This is roughly a year after the following prominent photo-essay "Surviving Darfur" by James Nachtwey appeared in Time (October 2004). You can find more pages of photos documenting the genocide and famine imposed by the Sudanese government and its minions on the "non-Arab" African population in Darfur by Marcus Bleasdale for Human Rights Watch from which I have lifted this one.

This image (© Marcus Bleasdale) shows mass graves outside the village of Jijira Adi Abbe in Darfur, western Sudan in the aftermath an attack by government troops. According to Human Rights Watch at least 267 civilians were murdered in the attack on this village alone. For insightful analyses of the political-economic sources of the Darfur genocide I recommend a series of essays Eric Reeves has written for Dissent - they appear in the Fall 2004, Winter 2005, and Fall 2005 issues.

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