23 November 2005


Since I wrote earlier (1 October 2005) criticizing the policy of embedding journalists and photographers with the troops in Iraq, it is especially nice to be able to link is to a webpage showing the work of photojournalists who have been working in Iraq outside of the official military framework. They are photographers Ghaith Abdul-Ahad (Iraq), Kael Alford (USA), Thorne Anderson (USA), and Rita Leistner (Canada) and video/film-makers Andrew Berends and James Longley. This work breaks through the sanitized war coverage emerging out of the collaboration between our mainstream media and the US Military. They are trying to fund a much larger national touring exhibition. (Information for making financial contributions to the effort is available on the web site.) You also can find their work in a companion volume published by Chelsea Green - the advert page for the book provides brief biographical sketches of the photographers.



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