07 February 2006

plugging Daylight

Here is a cool little photo magazine:

"Daylight Magazine is the printed publication of Daylight Community Arts Foundation, Inc. – a non-profit organization that strives to establish community-based documentary partnerships in various locations throughout the world. These initiatives aim to provide necessary resources and education for effective documentation of specific communities. It is our belief that the distribution of documentary imagery and text addressing issues of social importance can empower individuals and communities to affect long-lasting change.Daylight Magazine serves as the primary platform on which such documentary efforts are shared with a broad spectrum of viewers."

Subscriptions and single issue sales are available
online or make checks payable to:

Daylight Community Arts Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2241
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Four issue subscription: $35 US/Canada and $55 International.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a chance to check an issue out in San Francisco and I was totally blown away. The issues are themed and each one is thoroughly thought through... Definatly worth supporting these guys!

10 February, 2006 08:47  

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