10 February 2006

Seminar on Progressive Democratic Economies

It is difficult to say where this iniative might go or even if the group is actually active. But attempts like this aimed at articulating a progressive alternative to neo-lliberalism in the developed and developing countries as sketeched here is an essential task. The organizers hope to:

"advance four sets of goals that stand at the center of our concerns: strategies of sustained and sustainable growth that place the needs and the opportunities of the real economy above the need to win and maintain the confidence of financial markets; innovations that give marginalized people the economic and educational equipment for effective participation in economic and civic life; the deepening of the potential links between markets and democracies; and the creation of the space to experiment with distinct national development strategies, suited to the circumstances, traditions, and aspirations of each country.

To address these concerns, we believe, it is not enough to compensate through social policy for the unequalizing and exclusionary effects of established arrangements. Nor is it possible to enhance long-term economic growth solely through Keynesian demand management and controls on capital flows. We can and should reshape these policies through gradual, but cumulative innovation in the institutions that organize democracies, market economies, and free civil societies."


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