17 July 2006

Farah Nosh

I want to call attention to the work of a young (I believe!) Canadian photographer. She is Farah Nosh and you can find a portfolio of her colorful images from Iraq at her extremely cool website. My only complaint is that the images are very small - probably to accommodate the flash technology - and that the text is minuscule, making it difficult for older, bi-focal wearing folks like me to read it. Of course, given the font size on this blog, I perhaps have no right to complain! In any case, when you check out her portfolio be sure to keep going until the end - the final two images (#66 & #67) are among the best. One captures joy bordering on euphoria, the other the intersection of politics and soccer. The work is simply impressive all the way through.

I noticed today a slide show of her more recent black and white images "Baghdad Survivors - Wounds of War" depicting some of the thousands upon thousands of Iraqis who have been grievously wounded in the war. It appeared in The New York Times and you can find a link to it here. As Farah remarks in the accompanying audio, her images capture "the costs of war on those whose tour of duty in Iraq is a lifetime."
PS: I have been back to Nosh's we page and my complaints about the size of text & images no longer hold; I still highly recommend her work (13 July 08).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate you bringing this wonderful photog to my attention. It is important that people see the images of war and hear the stories that go with them because images have a way of grafting themselves onto our souls and affecting us at the most visceral of levels.

Issandr El Amrani of arabist.net uploaded some photos he received from a contact in Lebanon, I believe they should be seen by anyone who questions the brutality of war. Be warned, some are graphic.


18 July, 2006 00:31  

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