25 July 2006

Some More Views

Here is another set of Op-Eds that address the ongoing violence along the Israel -Lebanon border, how it might be ended, and what should be done ot prevent future instances. These are from The New York Times the authors are Avishai Margalit, Rashid Khalidi, Richard Perle, Judith Kipper, Chiblli Mallat, Paul Salem & Robert Malley. While I think nearly all of the authors offer important insights, here are three that strike me as especially crucial:

"Of the six players most directly involved in the confrontation — Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, Iran and the elected Palestinian government — the only one with which we [the US] talk is the one with which we agree." - Robert Malley

"Viewing the current crisis through the distorting lens of terrorism, as the Bush administration and the Israeli government do, leads to the unreflective use of force. Starting from the premise that as long as there is an occupation, there will be resistance, might instead lead the United States to undertake aggressive, multilateral diplomacy with the goal of ending Israel’s presence in the West Bank." - Rashid Khalidi

"President Bush should undertake a robust diplomatic initiative that, directly or through third parties, engages not only states, including even Iran and Syria, but also non-state parties to the conflict, especially Hezbollah and Hamas." - Judith Kipper


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