29 August 2006

Holiday weekend?

Well, starting late last night, my day has been more or less hellish emotionally - the result of domestic disharmony. I will spare you the details, but this evening the skys have cleared (quite literally not figuratively) and I am off to a conference until Sunday or so. Of course, that is an entirely other issue! Yes, the APSA, holds its annual meetings over Labor Day weekend each year.

So I wrote this post to say two things. First, I may be somewhat incommunicado for a few days. And second, it helps to notice things! A few days ago I posted on some images being used in a US govenment campaign against human trafficking . Well in that post I mentioned a book Disposable People by Kevin Bales and provided a link to the publisher's page. At the time I hardly looked at the book description but this evening I noticed something. The cover picture (at least the one above the title) is by Sebastiao Salgado from his study of the gold miines at Serra Pelada, Brazil. So I figured it would be appropriate to note that this is Labor Day weekend and place workers into your line of vision.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting labor into the line of vision - it is interesting that labor day is celebrated on a different day in the US than in many other places...the immigrant worker rallies we saw in May highlight that, though I think perhaps more are planned soon.

31 August, 2006 14:26  

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