15 August 2006

Koudelka on Ireland

On occasion it is nice to simply post images that I happen to like. Here is one from Czeck photographer Josef Koudelka. I generally like his work I recall reading an interview with him (itself relatively rare since he seems averse to talking about his work) that he has more or less stopped developing images and is simply taking pictures and "saving" them to develop later. I admit that that seems quite odd to me. Having said that I do like this shot even though it may seem something of an anti-Irish slander!

Ireland, 1976. © Josef Koudelka.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Do you have a link for more?

15 August, 2006 20:54  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...



You also can click on the (newly added link in my sidebar to Magnum Photo agency - Koudelka is a member.

15 August, 2006 21:03  
Blogger Phu said...

I'd love to stick a large print of that in my pub.

18 August, 2006 05:22  
Blogger bjorke said...

That's from his book EXILES

25 August, 2006 16:56  

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