01 August 2006

Off Theme (2) - Reading generates Pheromones?

Here is an amusing item from The Guardian that may give the dweebs among us some consolation. I suppose reading blogs is no help since one usually does it in inconspicuous ways. But books are surely another matter altogether. Sincce I am at the Borders epicenter for the month, I will have to go and see who is watching who read what.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I should be focusing on real work, but I am reading blogs instead. I came across your post and found the Guardian discussion fun. Two things came to mind - I wondered what you would take along to read while observing. And, I thought it might be more revealing of compatibility/desirability if we could find a way to "see" what people where playing on their various digital music machines!

01 August, 2006 21:12  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I am glad you enjoyed the link. And I am glad to offer a respite from "real work"!

I myself am ikely to be carrying scarey philosophy or game theory books, neither likely to excite. But I also have turned over a leaf and begun reading mysteries & novels again. But I suppose the volume of Symborska's poems I have on the desk might capture my mood these days.

I agree about music but am afraid my own tastes are too weird for most. Oh well!

02 August, 2006 00:53  

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