02 August 2006

"Throwing Like a Girl" - Iris Marion Young

Iris Young died this week of cancer. She was a smart, influential political theorist as well as a committed femisnist and democrat. I admired her intelligence and her politics even where we disagreed. You can read an obituary here.

I did not know Iris well but last year invited her to serve as an Associate Editor of the journal I edit for the Americana Political Science Association. By then, Iris had already fought through the initial treatments for cancer. We nonetheless had a couple of long, frank phone conversations during which I tried to persuade her to sign on and she pressed me hard on the direction I wanted to take the journal. In the end she graciously agreed to join the Associated Editors. I joked after our conversations that she did so mostly to keep an eye on me! I regularly have thought that the title of her (recently republished) essay "Throwing Like a Girl" nicely captured the combination of incisiveness and humor that characterized Iris herself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - to me it adds a sense of the person we lost, who many knew of, but did not know, in a way that an obituary cannot. Life is so fragile and unpredictable it is hard to make sense of sometimes. It seems to me that Iris Marion Young touched people and made an impression on the world that most of us only aspire too. I like the title of the essay too.

03 August, 2006 14:28  

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