16 September 2006

4 Recent Photography Books on Palestine

I want to call your attention to a brief review in the Fall 2006 issue of Middle East Report (#240) by Michelle Woodward entitled "Not All Black & White." Unfortunately her essay is not available online, but it is worth tracking down as she nicely contrasts the appraoches adopted in four recent publications. The first of these is No Man's Land by Larry Towell [1] [2] [3] [4] and the last is Nazar: Photographs from the Arab World [1] [2] both of which I have posted on before. The essay also discusses two books I have not seen: George Azar w/Mariam Shahin. 2005. Palestine: A Guide (Interlink Books) and Kai Wiedenhofer. 2002. Perfect Peace: The Palestinians from Intifada to Intifada (Steidl). Woodward is Photo Editor at MERIP and offers very insightful comments on how these differently situated photographers (even if all sympathetic) depict Palestine and its residents in quite different ways for quite different purposes.

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