23 September 2006

Blog's First Birthday

Well, I started this blog one year ago today - 24 September 2005. It has been fun and I've learned a bunch too. Thanks to those who have visited; the numbers are respectable and increasing, which is very nice. Thanks again.

I thought I'd post an appropriate picture and also a succinct justification for the way I trespass across the conventional boundary between photography and politics.

First, a photograph about which I posted some time ago - it is by Robert Mapplethorpe ["American Flag, Fire Island, 1977] and I first encountered it as part of the cover art on a Patti Smith album. But I've said that before.

Then the succinct defense of my project here: "The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude" (George Orwell, 1946). Just so.



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