25 September 2006

Clinton & Wallace

I just watched Bill Clinton, who I generally do not like in the least, hand Chris Wallace his head in the "Fox News Sunday" interview. Three things struck me about the exchange. First, Clinton simply had the better of Wallace regarding the facts of the matter. Second, he called Wallace on the double standard that Fox News uses to attack liberals while letting right wingers off the hook ("fair and balanced" my ass!). And, third, Clinton was animated, he had fire in his eye and his voice. Other Democrats ought to take notice!

You can find the interview on Google Video


Blogger JoeCollins said...

Several of Clinton's assertions have been, at the least, brought into question by numerous personalities, most - but not all- from the right. One can only hope that some reasonably neutral entity such as factcheck.org finds fit to sort things out.

As a matter of pure political theater, I think Clinton does win here. The Dems have indeed been allowing the R's to define them. It's an age-old tactic used by politicos on all sides. Clinton might be the one force left-of-center who would be able to turn that tide.

26 September, 2006 15:37  

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