05 September 2006

Marilyn Does Paris

A while back I posted on the ironies of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC hosting an exhibition of photographs discussed at one or another itme by Susan Sontag, thereby turning her work into a museum artefact. Well here is another irony, the move from Vogue Magazine to Musée Maillol in Paris of a set of photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

© Richard Harbus for The New York Times

Why these particular pictures? They are, after all, only 59 of the roughly 2500 shots taken by photgrapher Ben Stern during two sessions in early summer 1962 just before Monroe died. Why would a museum hang a show of nude and semi-nude images of an actress that were originally taken for a fashion magazine? No offense to Mr. Stern, but I simply do not get it. Museums baffle me.



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