26 September 2006

Photographer Bilal Hussein detained by US Authorities in Iraq

Fallujah - Iraqi insurgents fire a mortar and small arms during the U.S.-led offensive against insurgents in the city. [Photo: Bilal Hussein, November 8, 2004. ©Associated Press.]

According to Associated Press one of their Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalists Bilal Hussein has been detained by the US Military in Iraq since 12 April 2006. You can read the AP account of his predicament here and here. I really do not have much else to add to what Lindsay Beyerstein writes about this situation in her excellent post over at Majikthese yesterday. As she states, since there are no legal proceedings underway it is difficult to even assess what the charges, let alone the evidence, against Hussein might be. Also he has been tried in the right-wing blogs already, a fact that might give disinterested observers some pause regarding the likely reasons for his detention. Cases like this are precisely why shredding the constittuion is an inappropriate way to fight the "war on terror." Can you say habeas corpus?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so terrible! They are holding a terrorist ally! How can they do this?! What an outrage! I say we get the great lover of justice, Mr. Ahmadinejad, to help us settle this matter! Only he can bring peace and hope to humanity. The Bush people want to ethnically cleanse Arabs for profit!! Aliens from Mars are them paying top dollar, for this sick project! $$$$$$$$$$$!! O__o

01 October, 2006 19:58  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


And you know that BH is a "terrorist ally" how? Because he was tried in a court of law and proven "guilty" of some crime? No, probably because you read accusations against him on some right-wing blog. If you are so certain of his guilt you should be eager to have him come before a court and face real charges.

02 October, 2006 09:45  

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