09 September 2006

Seeing the Error of His Ways?: The Curious Release of Ramin Jahanbegloo

I noted a couple of times in previous posts [1] [2] the case of Ramin Jahanbegloo a political theorist who had been detained by te Iranian regime last spring. He finally was released on bail August 30th. You can read about it at Open Democracy - Jahabegloo evidently has not admitted to espionage, but upon his release gave a sketchy "interview" at the behest of the authorities. In the interview he "admits" that certaian of his activities may unintentionally have given aid and comfort to the enemies of the Iranian regime. As the Open Democracy report notes: "In the case of Ramin Jahanbegloo, it seems that he was promised freedom and a passport if he gave an interview to "an agency of his choice", in order to tell them "just what he has confessed under interrogation." The offer had a twist: to make sure that Ramin would keep his side of the bargain, he had to post two houses as bail – his mother's as well as his own."


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