23 September 2006

The Treacherous Medium: Why Photography Critics Hate Photographs

Also in the new Boston Review is an essay by Susie Linfield who, with the possible exceptions of Rebecca Solnit and David Levi Strauss, is just about the best commentator on photography writing today. I have not read the entire essay but recommend her work to you , as I have several times in the past [1] [2] [3]. I would say, though, that like Solnint and Levi Strauss, Linfield departs from the lineage she describes (of photography-hating critics) and that that may account for why her writings are so remarkable.

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Blogger bjorke said...

The essay seems superficial -- why didn't she ASK the gallery staff?

It is not hard to imagine a fan of photojournalism (or a university PJ department, or an NGO) as the purchaser. There are many people in this world with inexplicable supplies of cash. Further, art history is loaded with historical paintings (which were at one time considered the highest form by Academie critics). Visit your local national history museum... are not those works celbrated and highly valued as art as well as historic document?

26 September, 2006 01:12  

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