26 September 2006

"Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States" Take Two

So here is our astute President, quoted in today's New York Times complaining about the fact that the broad outlines of the US Intelligence Assessment have been made public:

"The president was clearly unhappy that findings from the document, a National Intelligence Estimate completed in April, had made their way into news reports. The New York Times disclosed some of the findings over the weekend.

Noting that evidence-gathering for the assessment had been concluded in February, and that the report itself had been finished two months later, Mr. Bush said: 'Here we are, coming down the homestretch of an election campaign and it’s on the front page of your newspapers. Isn’t that interesting?'"

He cannot be quite that dense. The obvious retort goes something like this: "Here we are, in the months running up to an election and a report that paints the incumbant administration and its political allies in an unflattering light is being withheld from the electorate by officials of that very same administration. Isn't that interesting!"

PS: Today the administration "officially" released 4 pages of the 30 page intelligence assessment (the concluding section), leaving nearly everyone wondering what the remaining 26 pages contain that they don't want us to see. This is PATHETIC!


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