02 November 2006

"Not All Black & White" - Picturing Palestine

Earlier in the fall I posted on a very helpful review of several recent photography books on Palestine that Michelle Woodward wrote for the latest issue of MERIP Middle East Report. At that time her essay was unavailable on-line but she since has posted it as a pdf on her own website. I will say that not only is Michelle's essay insightful (she is photography editor for the journal) but the Middle East Report is an excellent source of analysis for a part of the world where we manage to create large amounts of trouble for ourselves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The history of Islamic society from day 1 - when Mohammed tried to dominate the earth with warring crusades, the very LEADER of the religion (compared to the nice fellas, Jesus and Buddha), has been one of violence and hostility. WE don't cause trouble in Palestine; not content with getting angry and violent towards others, they're currently doing it now to each other. And you know what? - I don't care because they show no indication of stoppig their hostilities and desire to destroy Israel. Sure, they suffer; but that in itself proves nothing except that they are overpowered and treated badly by Israel - would YOU treat people well who were intent on hating and murdering you??

10 February, 2007 19:26  

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