16 December 2006

Bill Henson - Untitled

Australian photographer Bill Henson (b 1955) is perhaps best known for his crepuscular images of young people, mostly women/girls and mostly in one or anaother state of undress. His subjects have a sort of vacant and depraved look and the lighting contributes to that sense. I find that part of his work interesting enough but not really all that exciting - sort of like David Lynch with a still camera, I guess.

Having said all that, I came across three in a series Untitled 2005/2006 - they are Nos. 33, 35, & 37. Many of the other images in the series are more typical of his work. But I find these three especially ominous, as though the hugh ships were looming up out of the gloom unexpectedly and unavoidably. I've not seen the original primts but they are quite large (127x180 cm = approx 4x6 feet) and I suspect the impression must be even greater then.

All three photographs © Bill Henson



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