31 December 2006

Daylight #5

Daylight Magazine is one of the very best photo magazines around. I discovered it last winter and posted about it then. (The only competition to Daylight in my view is PRIVATE about which I've also posted here before [1] [2] [3].) The folks at Daylight have just put out their fifth issue on the theme "Global Commodities" which the editors introduce like this: "Although it is individual effort that makes the international marketplace possible, the human aspect of global trade is often overlooked. To address this cultural myopia, this edition of Daylight examines the people involved with the production and trade of a number of global commodities." It includes work by Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin, Ali Chraibi, Kadir van Lohuizen, Heidi Schumann, Allan Sekula, elin o’Hara slavick, Ian Teh, Heinrich Voelkel, and Michael Wolf.

What makes this publication so good? Well, first off it is not simply a vehicle for advertisements - in fact it is ad-free. Second it is extremely well designed. Third, the editors establish a substantive theme for each issue and pursue it nicely. Finally, the images in the magazine are accompanied by brief, useful text - the editors have overcome the conceit that pictures speak for themselves. (All these things are true too, if in slightly different ways, of PRIVATE.) You should track down a copy - in fact, since each issue appears in a limited pressing, you ought to consider subscribing (it is relatively cheap). It is crucially important, I think, to support endeavors like Daylight.
PS: Apropos my final comment, if you happen to be in the NYC vicinity, there will be a fundraising/release party for this issue on the evening of January 8th. You can find details on the Daylight web page.

PS2: You should know that the magazine is but one project of the Daylight Community Arts Foundation which also has undertken initiatives to introduce photography as a tool of community empowerment in a variety of places including the West Bank, Baghdad, New Orleans, Harlem, Akwassasne Mohawk Reservation as well as locations in Kenya, Laos, Columbia, and Guatemala.



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