12 December 2006

Gender Equality and the Welfare of Children

Open Democracy reports here on the release of the annual UNICEF Report - The State of the World's Children, 2007 which focuses on the crucial importance of gender equality for the welfare of children. The punchline of the report is that if you want to enhance the welfare of children, you should work to empower their mothers. According to the press release, the report recommends seven crucial ways of promoting gender equality: [1] Abolish school fees and invest in girls’ education; [2] Invest government funding in gender equality; [3] Enact legislation to create a level playing field for women, and to prevent and respond to domestic violence as well as gender-based violence in conflict; [4] Ensure women’s participation in politics;
[5] Involve women’s grassroots organizations early on in policy development; [6] Engage men and boys so the importance of gender equality can be understood by all; [7] Improve research and data on gender issues, which are critical if progress is to be made.


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