10 December 2006

"Success" & "Failure": Words with No Meaning in Washington (2)

"“We feel great urgency to protect the American people from another 9/11 or a 9/11 times two or three,” Mr. Rumsfeld said on Saturday, in remarks that were posted on the Defense Department’s Web site, in the Anbar province west of Baghdad. “At the same time, we need to have the patience to see this task through to success,” he said. “The consequences of failure are unacceptable.” ...

The “men and women in uniform believe in what they are doing, they know it’s important, they know it’s worth the cost and in some cases the tears,” he said. “And they are convinced they can succeed and that our country can prevail. But only if we don’t lose our will.” ...

Mr. Rumsfeld has continued to counsel patience, saying in a farewell speech to employees at the Pentagon on Friday that to “pull out precipitously and inject that instability into the situation there” would be ”a terrible mistake.” ..."

These are passages from a story in today's New York Times; I've bolded some words and phrases that the adminsitration seems to simply not grasp. Like Bush and his other minions Rumsfeld continues to dissemble, trade on fear, and prevaricate and no one seems to call him on it.

On that note I was listening to the insipid Diane Rehm on npr Friday. She allowed (without any challenge whatsoever) Joseph Curl a flunky from The Washington Times to defend the performance of the press corps on this matter. He claimed in response to a caller that reporters had all along been pressing BushCo hard on what it might mean to succeed or prevail or win or whatever in Iraq. I guess we all must've missed the intrepid reporters pressing the really difficult questions. I have to say that on her weekly news round-up Rehm's guests typically occupy points on the political spectrum from slightly right of center through the more or less lunatic right (like reporters from The Washington Times and mouthpieces from the Heritage Foundation or American Enterprise Institute). And she also regularly cuts off callers who raise the issue of her pandering to such right-wing voices.



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