26 January 2007

Best Shots (Again)

Several weeks ago I mentioned a really quite clever series of short features by Leo Benedictus in The Guardian called "best shots." In each an accomplished photographer responds to LB's request that thay identify a favorite piece of their own work and offer some brief comments on it. In the earlier post I linked to the first half-dozen of these. In the interim a couple more have appeared. Since the newspaper's web page doen't make it easy to keep track of the series, I think I will simply post links to them every so often. As before, the photographer's name links to her or his web presence and the date links to the relevant article in The Guardian.

[8] Rankin, "Beautyfull" (25 January 07):

© Rankin

[7] Anne Hardy, "Unfamiliar systems at work... " (11 January 07):

© Anne Hardy

Although neither Hardy nor Rankin are "my type" of photographer, Hardy at least seems thoughtful and interesting. I actually want to take some time and think about her approach to photographing simulated interiors. By contrast, as I noted in an earlier post, Rankin comes off as entirely insufferable. He does not disappoint in this instance either, running on about the genre of glamour photography ghetto he wallows in like this: "The photo is a bit of a dig at fashion, the shallowness and emptiness of the industry, which can take itself far too seriously. You've got to balance out the seduction and what you enjoy about it with a little bit of cynicism." It never occurs to Mr. Waddell, of course, that rather than affording the best antidote to "shallowness and emptiness" cynicism instead is merely a symptom of those characteristics. Considering that possiblity would, I suspect, require that he extricate himself from the shallowness and emptiness long enough to let down his oh-so-ironic self-defense for just a few moments.



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