09 January 2007

Best Shots

Well, there is a terrific feature at The Guardian that I just discovered today - a series called "Best Shot," where they ask a photographer to pick one "favorite" image she or he has made and offer some brief comments/reflections on it. In most instances these are not really the sort of photography that really excites me, but it is a real treat to have such accomplished folks talk directly about what makes a particular image, of all the thousands they might make over time, stand out from the rest. I find it terrifically interesting to glimpse how each photographer's mind works. In each instance, the image is © the photographer. I have linked the photographer's name to her or his web page and the date to the relevant story in The Guardian.

[6] Bruce Davidson "London 1960. Girl Holding Kitten" (4 January 07)
[5] Gregory Crewdson "Baseball Field Through a Window,
Pittsfield, Mass." (21 December 06)*

[4] Alec Soth "Melissa" (7 December 06)

[3] Martine Franck "Bird Perched on a Monk's Head" (30 November 06)

[2] Loretta Lux "The Waiting Girl" (23 November 06)

[1] Mario Testino "Eva Herzigovia, 1997" (16 November 06):
no liftable image available, maybe it is this one.**

* This is a bit creepy. I grew up in Pittsfield and my parents still live their half of each year.

PS: (Added 1/10/07). I want to correct an oversight in this post. This series is largely done under the by-line of Leo Benedictus and he should get credit for carrying it off. My apologies.

PS2: (27 May 2008) I recently have been able to find the images from the series Testino is alking about. But I cannot tell from his comments which one is his "best"; the one I post here is the wone I think is best. Who knows?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant seem to post under my blogger id. Well Just wanted to thank you for posting this. I found the series so interested I was compelled to write about it as well. Abrazos.

10 January, 2007 22:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pittsfield, huh? I spent four long years in Lenox, and am glad to have survived it. Nice countryside, though.

11 January, 2007 19:05  

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