04 January 2007


I thought it was time to simply post a striking "classic" image and then came across this fanciful one in "The Small Picture" column at Open Democracy ....

Lost cloud, André Kertész, 1937



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jim - LOVE Kertesz...

And, as a follower of your blog, It seemd this was the only way I could contact you, so -

New blog for a New Year:


lets see how it goes!

all the best for 2007

tim a

04 January, 2007 20:39  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Tim, I posted a plug for your new undertaking; I want to say too that your "Immersive Landscapes" are terrific. I really like them very much. They remind me in a way of Robert Adams but I can't quite put my finger on why.

05 January, 2007 00:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing profound or insightful to say just - thanks for this post I love the picture, or is it a shot?

05 January, 2007 00:59  

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