05 January 2007

A New Blog for A New Year PLUS Eat Local Challenge

No, not me. One is more than enough. I have, however, had a comment by a fellow Tim Atherton who has started "a new blog for a new year." He calls his new venture "Muse-ings: Thoughts on photography and what inspires it - books, poetry, film, art. And various other ramblings." You can find Tim here. It seems we may overlap in interests a good bit, but I am impressed at the number of photographers on whom Tim has focused (no pun intended) about whom I know nothing. That is not a high threshhold since my knowledge is distinctly limited. But it is not nothing either! So I am here to plug the new blog and wish Tim happy posting.
[PS: I was much to hasty in looking at Tim's blog. You really ought to check out some of Tim's own work here. It really is quite terrific.]

I'd also like to mention another, not new, but quite interesting blog that I wandered to from Tim's. It is called Eat Local Challenge and is a group endeavor. It also is one of my personal hobby horses since I get tired of moralistic types who go on and on about organic food without thinking about what their eating habits mean in terms of sustaining (or mostly not) local agriculture, etc. See the ELC page "Ten Reasons to Eat Locally." I think this is terrific even though eating locally in a meterologically challenged area like Western New York is indeed a "challenge."

And while I have your attention on the issue of organic food, have a look at this article "Organics: Meaningful or Market Niche?" on six myths surrounding "organic" foods from LiP Magazine.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right that blog is terrific. thanks for identifying it. In the spirit of the New Year, I might as well introduce you to my new endeavor, some of which might appeal to you, as one entry deals with the significance of getting releases for documentary work. It is called The Spark of Accident (http://sparkofaccident.blogspot.com/), a phrase you might recall from one of Walter Benjamin's essays. I am hooked on your blog btw.

05 January, 2007 19:08  

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