06 January 2007

Plugging Another New Undertaking: Spark of Accident

I've had yet another comment from yet another new blogger - photographer Jon Anderson - who invokes Walter Benjamin in naming his undertaking "Spark of Accident." Among his initial posts Jon has responds to emerging demands by foundations that documantary photographers obtain releases and so forth from those they photograph in developing countries. I find his reply - which amounts to saying that the legal counsel for the foundations is wholly out of touch with legal, political, and economic realities on the ground in the developing world - quite persuasive. Jon's description of the precarious legal status of bracaros in Santo Domingo where he is working on a project called" Memories of Underdevelopment" brings to mind Hannah Arendt's lament for those trapped by "the abstract nakedness of being human and nothing but human."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that succinct explanation of the problem and the Hannah Arendt quote is perfect. Forgive my shameless plugging of my blog, but the whole trick of these things is to have everyone connect up, widen the net, get more and more people reading. The payoff for the readers as well as the writers is quite big, at least intellectually. You might or might not like the current piece up about Chavez, the Latin American shift to the Left, and a young photographer named Manca Juvan. I am waiting for a photo to add the finishing touch.

06 January, 2007 09:10  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Jon, I think you are just right about establishing connections ... sometimes that happens beause folks stumble across your offerings, but a little self-promotion (as you put it) can really accelerate the process. I realy did like your post on the legal releasses and wonder where the practice will lead. Seems disastrous to me. I will check out the new post too! I especially like disagreement (I am perhaps perverse that way) and in my academic writing, in fact, defend democracy less as a way of establishing consensus than as structring disagreement. On that note, I can hear the virtual snoring of potentnial readers!

06 January, 2007 11:58  

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