19 January 2007

Today's Blues

Beginning last night and continuing through much of today and into this evening, life here has been a mess in a number of ways. Tonight, it is not stretching the truth very much at all to say that music saved me. In particular, I have been listening to this record of concise duets that Arthur Blythe (alto sax) and David Eyges (electric cello) put out on the CIMP label a decade ago.

What I really wanted, actually needed rather desperately, was not consolation or distraction or soothing but sonic interlocutors who might engage me and help me face the mess without despair. This music turned out to be nearly perfect; there is a lightness of touch and an edge to it that makes it sound matter of fact. "Here are today's blues. Now what are you going to do about them?" In this interview, Eyges (about whom I know little) remarks of his propensity to play duets: "There is a natural conversational flow to a fine duo recording." The title track is a wonderful instance of just such a conversation, but so, really, is the entire recording. I appreciate the talk.

PS: Blythe and Eyges have released another CD of alto-cello duets that you can find here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this recommendation - January seems to be bringing lots of blues that need chasing away, or maybe working through...

20 January, 2007 13:33  

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