11 January 2007

Vojtěch Sláma

"Interpreter" (Brno, Czech Republic 2001) © Vojtěch Sláma

From all I can determine on-line, Vojtěch Sláma is a freelance photographer born (1974) in Brno, Czech Republic; A graduate of Secondary School of Artistic Crafts (Brno), he is a founding member of a group named Česká Paralaxa (Czech Parallax). You now know as much as I do. I came across this image and, although I have no idea what the coil actually is or what the "interpreter" is doing, the image is, I think, intriguing. I tend to see this as a metaphor for our current disastrous foreign policy. While circumstances are dire and threaten to descend more or less precipitously should we continue on our current course, the interpreter seems to be intervening in the downward cycle suggesting, "Why not stop here?".


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