27 February 2007

Among The Many Things To Look Forward To This Spring, Here Is Something

This new recording by Motian/Frisell/Lovano is due out soon from ECM. I wrote an enthusiastic post about Paul Motian last summer. You can find a nice recent interview with Motian here. I lately have been listening to the last cd from this trio - I Have the Room Above Her (ECM 2005) - more or less constantly. (It is not on repeat, but only because my cd player is too old to have that command option.) The tunes are, with two exceptions (Monk & Kern/Hammerstein), all Motian compositions and are haunting and blue in a beautifully angular, fleeting sort of way. So they are perfect listening for February in Western NY where everything seems a bit bleak, but everyone knows that that won't last.

Joe Lavano - Paul Motian- Bill Frisell

The new recording has a similar mix of compositions - seven by Motian, three contributions by others (Monk; Rogers & Hammerstein; Lovano). It promises, too, more of the exquisite melodic and improvisational quality nourished by familiarity that has sprung from this decades old collaboration.

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