28 February 2007

Close Calls for the VP (plus other Resurfacings)

"Cheney Lives" © Steve Bell 2007

A friend sent me this cartoon from The Guardian; it clearly is inspired by the Veep's close call in Afghanistan recently. The image seemed appropriate for today given that other quite unsavory types seem to have returned locally.

The particular irritant I have in mind is the hostile, anonymous commentator (oh, I should say cowardly as that seems more accurate for those who call names and hurl insults and profanities from behind the veil of secrecy) who has been hanging around. Having apparently failed to find a sufficiently interesting hobby, he has resurfaced to entertain us. If you are wondering why I simply delete his comments as rapidly as possible you can read my earlier post on the topic. I apologize in advance if I don't get to his interventions quickly enough to spare the rest of you his insightful interventions.

Today, demonstrating his especially keen eye for the obvious, my friend is complaining that I only pursue my own agenda here on the blog that I started, designed, and on which I am the only contributor. Gee, that seems like a hard nut to crack!



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