25 February 2007

Consequences of War - Collateral and Direct

Somehow last spring I missed this series of three photo-essays by Eugene Richards in The Nation. (You can learn more about Richards at the web site of the VII Photo Agency of which he is a member.) The series is entitled "War is Personal" and, unfortunately, it remains as relevant now with BushCo's planned "surge" on the agenda, as it did last spring. The images are powerful, the accompanying text is articulate and understated. In combination they convey some sense of the grief and fear and pain and loss that this war - our war - is sowing in the lives of many American families.

The top image shows Mona Parsons of Mt. Vernon, Ohio watching as her son Jeremy clears airport security on his way to re-join his Army unit in Iraq. The middle image is of Tomas Young, of Kansas City Missouri, paralyzed from a gunshot he suffered on his fourth day of deployment in Irag. He is 26. The bottom image shows Carlos Arrondondo of Roslindale, Mass. at an anti-war protest raising a picture of his son Alex, a Marine killed in Iraq.

[All three images in this post © Eugene Richards, 2006.]



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