19 February 2007

Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences

Lawrence Weschler is an interesting writer. I am most familiar with his works on Poland in the era of Solidarity and on the "settling of acounts" with torturers in post-authoritarian polities. You can find an interview with Weschler here. It turns out that he (unsurprisingly) is an interesting thinker too. By this I mean not simply that he seems smart and curious and committed. Instsead, I mean that he has an intersting way of thinking, of seeing and articulating what, in the subtitle to his new book, are called "convergences." He notices connections between seemingly disparate images and texts and then suggests striking inferences from those connections. This new book, brought out by McSweeney's collects thirty plus of Weschler's (mostly) brief writings on such connections and their implications from the past quarter century. This is not only provocative thinking. It is an exemplar of how to bring such thinking out into the world.

PS: (Added a bit later) I just came across yet another interview with Weschler here. In an interesting comment, Weschler relates how his daughter comments on his "loose synapse" mode of thinking. It turns out that McSweeney's is hosting a contest to which you can submit your own "convergences" and Weschler is provding some commentary. Find the contest page here.

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