21 February 2007

Leszek Kolakowski

While in graduate school in Chicago, I had the good fortune to take a seminar on "Cartesianism" with Leszek Kolakowski. That must've been in the late 1980s. We read Descartes, Husserl and Rorty. The course was offerd through the Committee on Social Thought and was chock full of Straussians drawn, no doubt, by Kolakowski's anti-communism but surely not by his affirmative position as a "Conservative-Liberal-Socialist." The seminar turned out, for reasons that I will not rehearse, to be a very enjoyable intellectual adventure. In any case, Kolakowski has won the Jerusalem Prize for Literature this year. This is a prize "awarded every two years for literary achievements in the field of freedom of the individual in society"

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