11 February 2007

Lucinda Williams

Well, this week (Tuesday) is the release date for a new Lucinda Williams record West on the truly cool Lost Highway* label. That is enough to make the week a good one. I'd say the glass is way more than half full. What do you think?

[*I would say that only New West Records rivals Lost Highway for my favorite sorts of music - aside from jazz, of course. But that is a whole other topic.]

PS: (Added 2/12/07): The new record is getting pretty bad reviews mostly, it seems, because Lucinda has departed from her past practices and taken up with producer Hal Willner. Here is Ben Ratliff at The New York Times and here is Roger Holland on PopMatters. Their disappointments converge. We'll see.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you´re into Lucinda, well, you might just fancy Bonnie Prince Billy, aka Will Oldham. His "Greatest Palace Music" is fantastic, he covers his own early stuff.

12 February, 2007 10:32  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Z. Thanks for the tip and for the link to PopMatters, which looks like a good site. JJ

12 February, 2007 11:54  

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