17 February 2007

Tiny Houses

© Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

For some time now I have carried a link toward the bottom of the side bar to Alchemy Architects who design, construct and deliver "Wee Houses"; their diminutive domiciles seem wonderfully designed and aesthetically pleasing in a modernist sort of way.

On a flight back to Rochester yesterday I read this story in The New York Times entitled "Think Small" that talks about the folks at Alchemy and a bunch of similar firms. These things seem to appeal to the latent Thoreau in people. I will say that having been in Red Bluff, CA in late summer I cannot imagine how unbearably hot Matthew Adams' little -approximately 130 sq. feet. - cabana (shown above) is going to be exposed to the sun without a lick of shade.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya. I grew up there. You haven't experienced hot until you've spent a summer in Rb.


July is miserably hot. So hot that the extreme spikes at the beginning of August (115 easily) feel like noth'n

Just look at that picture, it's something that is reminiscent of the mars lander.

17 February, 2007 19:06  

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