06 February 2007

Tomas Munita

This evening I discovered the work of Tomas Munita, a young Chilean photographer who has been working for AP for a number of years but now seems (according to the "About" page on his web site) to have struck out on his own. He has won numerous awards including most recently the 2006 Leica Oskar Barnack Award. Munita's work, I think, is really quite astonishing especially his ability to capture subtle color. In addition to Munita's (well-designed and functional) web page you can find a portfolio of his image here at Blueeyes Magazine. Here are a couple of images from a series entitled "Leaving the Shadows" that he shot in Kabul (and for which he won the Leica award).

Both Images © Tomas Munita / Associated Press


Blogger twinkle said...

I just discovered Tomas Munita's work a few minutes ago and am breathless with admiration for his artistry and bravery. I will return to his website again and again.

12 March, 2007 20:47  

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