22 February 2007

University of Chicago & Darfur

Well, my alma mater has made it into the news again for being ethically and politically tone deaf. See this report from The Nation on how the trustees and administration at the University of Chicago have refused to divest from investments in Sudanese companies as well as from corporations doing business in Sudan. This seems shameless. There is a student organization on campus trying to pressure the trustees to reverse their decision. But, the organization does not have any contact information and neither does it afford alums any way to raise their voices. Alums are otherwise known as DONORS! And like it or not, Trustees are more likely to listen to current and future donors than to students.

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Blogger Hans said...

Interesting. In Sweden, we have a centre-right foreign minister who has stocks in Lundin Oil, which in turn drills for oil and has heavy financial interests in Sudan. Oh, and he also has some financial interests that heavily depends on the Turkish military... Its freaking shameless. In october, two centre-right ministers had to go because (a) one had not paid her tv-license, and (b) the other had evaded some taxes. But now we have a freaking foreign minister with financial interests in craaazy places, and not many people seem to care that much. Strange this thing, society morals...

23 February, 2007 06:28  

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