02 February 2007

Wolfowitz Communes with the Downtrodden

I encountered this image on a blog post at The Guardian and feel a tad like re-posting it is gratuitously mean-spirited. Fortunately, having sat here for a moment the guilt has passed. It is a too candid shot of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz visiting a Turkish mosque. Over at The Guardian the blogger speculates that this reveals PW's "inner slob." I think instead that it is his small way of identifying with the poor in developing countries who suffer from inadequate shelter and nutrition and clothing.


Blogger ACM said...

I think he probably needs to cut his toenails. you can get holes in both socks in one day, especially if it involves a lot of walking -- too bad for him that he had to take his shoes off publically....

08 February, 2007 13:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also the suit doesn't fit him. what not to wear... World Bank Edition

28 February, 2007 18:58  

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